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Apr. 4th, 2014 12:35 pm
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"What in the world are you calling me for?

Ah, well. You must have some reason. Leave a message."


Apr. 4th, 2014 12:33 pm
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How am I doing with ol' Bananahair? Feel free to leave your feedback!
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Yomiel looks like a normal (if flashy) person, but is actually a dead guy with some pretty incredible powers. He can leave his body (corpse) as a ghost, hop around through and possess inanimate objects... and uniquely for his canon, he can also possess living creatures or people and manipulate their actions, even against their will.

So yes, he is basically a real-live (dead) godmod.

Obviously this is a ridiculous pitfall for RP, so here's a permission post.

I will not have Yomiel use his manipulation powers against your character unless explicitly asked, or explicitly given permission to do so. So if you don't want your characters getting possessed, no worries.

If you would like your characters to get possessed, please leave a comment and we can discuss the circumstances/outcomes of the scenario.

Here's a few guidelines:

- People Yomiel manipulates are not fully aware that they are being manipulated while it happens. After the fact, they will find that their memories of the time are fuzzy at best and completely blank at worse. Some of his victims remember nothing, while others seem to have some recollection of what they did, but not remember why or what they were thinking. There isn't really a pattern for what characters experience what kind of memories of the incident, so this is pretty much up to you for what you'd prefer for your character.

- It is possible to struggle against Yomiel's control. If a character has a particularly strong will, or if he is trying to make them do something they are very opposed to, they are able to fight it. However, it appears to be impossible to completely resist him. Both characters who manage to fight it in canon end up succumbing and doing what he wants anyway (albeit, clumsily.)

- Yomiel doesn't walk around flaunting his powers or using them for pointless things. His manipulations are usually with some greater purpose in mind. He's not likely to walk around making people quack like a duck or do jumping jacks just because he can-- though he's not above manipulating people to make things easier for himself or to avoid revealing his unusual state of being. (For instance, he might manipulate a doctor into giving him a clean bill of health, or a security guard into looking the other way while he trespasses somewhere.)

- Similarly, Yomiel is kind of a jerk, but he isn't cruel for the sake of being cruel. He will not force your character to hurt themselves, hurt someone else, commit horrifying acts or do anything else particularly evil for no good reason. If someone is particularly annoying to him, he might embarrass them or do some similar minor punishment, but it takes someone who has really earned his hatred to face his darker, more sadistic impulses. If you happen to be playing Cabanela, Jowd or Lynne... well, all bets are off, there.

If you want your character to be manipulated into doing something truly awful, Yomiel will have to have a reason why he'd want it to happen that will somehow benefit him.

With those guidelines, I am more than open to plotting for whatever kind of menacing and chaos you may have in mind. Let me know on this post if there's anything you'd especially like to work out.
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cw: SPOILERS about Yomiel's past, suicide, a whole bunch of attempts, bloodless "fatal" injuries

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